River Views …

There is nothing like a Pongola Game Reserve River Cruise. Viewing wildlife from the comfort of a steady boat provides the ideal platform for great pictures.

Pictures by Christian Sperka Photography


Before and after …

The Pongola River was almost completely dried up during the current drought, which already lasts for months. All of us at Pongola Game Reserve were very happy for the slight relief from up-river rains which let the river flow again. Within three minutes the dry river bed filled with fresh, sparkling water!

What a day.

IMG_2730 - E


IMG_2744 - E


More from ‘The Twins’

twins 1

Our notorious Elephant twins are fat and healthy, and being sighted quite regularly. They were seen recently crossing the Pongola River from one side of the reserve to other and were in a playful mood which created a wonderful opportunity to get some beautiful images of them. The level of the river is low at the moment, due to the current drought situation in the Province, and they regularly cross from one side of the reserve to the other.

Picturee by Wim Landman