Almost time to leave the nest

White-Backed Vulture (Gyps africanus)

He just gave me enough time to take the picture then he disappeared back in to his nest. Breeding season is June to September in KwaZulu-Natal. One egg is laid and both parents care for it for 58 days. Once hatched, the parents take shifts to care for the chick. The chick receives food from both parents and begins to leave the nest between 108-140 days after hatching. The vulture chick is fully independent around 5-6 months later.

Pongola Game Reserve Special

Pongola Game Reserve is running a special on both our fully catering lodges, Nkwazi Lake Lodge and Mvubu River Lodge from 10 October 2018 – 10 December 2018 @ 40% discount only R750.00 / person / night sharing, dinner bed and breakfast. Terms and conditions apply.
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Mvubu River Lodge

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Fishing Report April 2016

Fishing Conditions

Temp (River):                   

Minimum:19ºC Average:23ºC Maximum:26ºC

Water Clarity:                  

The water clarity during April was muddy due to the very low water level and very little water flowing in from the river.

Water Level:




Other Conditions:

The water level has decreased drastically and there are several sandbanks in the river section. The very muddy water in the river did not help the tiger fishing in the beginning of the month however once the mud settled the fishing became better at the entrance of the dam.

Fishing Areas (Best spots):

The best spots during this month were at the entrance of the dam.

Fish Caught


1kg Tiger fish.

Average Size:

1.5 kg Tiger fish.

Biggest Fish:

3.5 kg was the largest Tiger fish caught in the first week of April. It was caught on sardines.

Details of fish caught:

Guests where very successful this month using sardines and chicken livers.

Other Species:

Barbel (Catfish) were also caught regularly on sardines, chicken livers and chicken hearts.

Bait of the Month:

Sardines and chicken hearts and livers.


The bait trend for April was mostly sardines as the water clarity was muddy. The weather during April was quite warm which helped to keep the water temperature up and therefore the fishing was good.


Guests can still launch at the new launch site at Nkwazi and they can park trailers and easily access their own boats from this site. If you have larger boats we suggest launching at the KZN launch site.

River Views …

There is nothing like a Pongola Game Reserve River Cruise. Viewing wildlife from the comfort of a steady boat provides the ideal platform for great pictures.

Pictures by Christian Sperka Photography


Before and after …

The Pongola River was almost completely dried up during the current drought, which already lasts for months. All of us at Pongola Game Reserve were very happy for the slight relief from up-river rains which let the river flow again. Within three minutes the dry river bed filled with fresh, sparkling water!

What a day.

IMG_2730 - E


IMG_2744 - E