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Our notorious Elephant twins are fat and healthy, and being sighted quite regularly. They were seen recently crossing the Pongola River from one side of the reserve to other and were in a playful mood which created a wonderful opportunity to get some beautiful images of them. The level of the river is low at the moment, due to the current drought situation in the Province, and they regularly cross from one side of the reserve to the other.

Picturee by Wim Landman

The Cleanup Crew

Christian Sperka Photography | Blog & Site

A lot of animals die every day as part of the circle of life. Vultures play one of the most important roles to ensure that the resulting dead material is recycled. During my last stay at Pongola Game Reserve I took these images of White-backed Vultures and one Lappet Face Vulture – it was fascinating to spend time with them and watch their behavior.

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